Safety Committee Meeting

November 7, 2011 @3:00pm

Central Office

Members Present:  Line Mulcahy, Scott Dyer, Ann Diskin, Dana McConkey, Andy Madura, Sherrie Small, Denise Stuart, Kathy Wentworth, David Leddy, Rick McConkey and Ted Bridge-Koenigsburg.


1.  Welcome-Check In - Andy checked in with each member of the committee regarding any concerns or news at their schools/locations.  Rick M. spoke about a carpet issue at SLS where at least one employee has tripped or fallen because of it.  Things seem to be going well everywhere else.

2.  Monthly Student/Staff Injury Reports - Staff injuries by students is still biggest cause.  Lisa Caron could not make today’s meeting but should be able to make the next meeting.  Student injuries by school are still inconsistent.  Hope to get nurses here to discuss reporting requirements.  With their schedules, Andy may take the student injury spreadsheet to them and show them what the committees’ concerns are and reasons for having the injury information.

3.  Safety Contest - select monthly winners -

SES - Mason Opie - David Tampsett

SBES - Jen Arsenault - Debbie Marshall (SACC)

SLS - Rosemarie Dyer - Jane Foye

HS - Deb Crawford - Fran Phillips

MS - Sheila Hawes - Kathy Wentworth

LRVC - Reg Watkins - Eric Botka

Transp. - Vicki Crosby - Jennifer Cahill

Adult Ed - Dana McConkey - Rick Lange

Special Services - Dana McConkey - Harvey Toews

CO - Elaine Rowe - Amanda Fusco

4.  Accident reporting school nurses - No one was available to come today.  Andy will take the student accident report that the Safety Committee reviews to both of the school nurses to review.  Elementary schools are not reporting consistently.  The nurses have been working on a document for all of the schools to use to be consistent.

5.  Other - Website update.  Denise wanted some input from the committee as to what we would like to see.  Links to Safety Works, Bridgton PD, Coughing video etc.  Still waiting for Jennie Bernette, HS teacher interested in her students doing a distracted driving campaign for their academy.

Line M. gave an update on the Safety Poster contest.  She would also like to update “Buster” to a teenager or teenage appropriate.  Buster will do a rap.  When the elementary kids go to middle school and high school, they realize that they don’t see Buster anymore.  We could incorporate distracted driving in Busters message as well.

The District has a new workers compensation insurance carrier.  People need to complete every field on the employee report of injury forms.  Playground duty videos are available, especially if there is new staff.

Ann Diskin was concerned that it is freezing at SBES,  Ann’s room was 59 today, another was 54.  The school has 2 boilers, one is working fine, the other is needing repair.  Is staff reporting it to the head custodian.  Andy has not heard of it before this and he will look into it.

Adjourn:  3:50 pm

Next meeting is December 5, 2011, 3:00pm at Central Office